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Logistics/Forwarding/Customs Brokerage

Over 30 Years Experience Servicing a Wide Range of Industries
Our extensive global network, comprised of over 140,000 dedicated employees,
makes it possible for us to fully handle all the details -- across the globe. Explore our services to see how we can work with your company’s specific needs and requirements.

IATA (International Air Transport Association)
OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary)
U.S. Customs (Customs House Broker)
TSA (Transportation Security Association)
C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)
TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association)

Air Freight Service

With Yamato’s extensive global network, we can provide swift and reliable door-to-door services. Our experienced staff will provide you with the most appropriate forwarding solutions. Yamato handles everything from small parcels, challenging oversized cargo, special projects, and dangerous goods. Our scheduling has proven to be most reliable and cost effective in the industry.

Yamato provides services to make your job easier, including documentation support, and insurance coverage while allowing you to concentrate on your core business needs. Having flexible air freight service options allows us to accommodate virtually any customer requirements.

・Consolidated services throughout the world for both import and export.
・Visible, customer-friendly tracking system to manage cargo 24/7.
・Pick up, packing, documentation, and insurance can all be handled through
  Yamato’s services.
・Experts in global compliance issues and local laws.

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Ocean Freight Service

Globalization is here to stay. International logistics is becoming increasingly important for corporations across the globe.
Backed by the full capability of our Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier System (NVOCC), we can handle all your cargo needs and ensure faster transit times by utilizing an accessible and convenient tracking system. We offer LCL and FCL consignments from most major cities around the world. As your partner, the entire Yamato Group is here to provide you with the best service possible, at competitive rates.

・Customers get to take advantage of Yamato’s extensive ocean contracts.
・Our visible easy-to-use tracking system allows you to manage cargo 24/7.

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Logistics Service

With over 30 years of experience, Yamato Transport offers a wide variety of SCM services, including JIT distribution and VMI. Our professional logistics consultants will analyze and recommend the best possible solutions to improve efficiencies, and cost savings.

・Various types of packing, crating, and kitting services.
・Visible tracking system to manage packages 24/7.
・Warehouse distribution and real time EDI inventory management.

Example 1: Imports
Yamato offers several high quality logistics tailored to your needs, including temperature control.
Example 2: Exports
Merge in the facility of Yamato USA, pack, sort and ship by International TAQBIN or Air/Ocean freight service. Support full procedure of logistics to Asian countries.
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Customs Brokerage

With years of industry experience, Yamato’s highly trained professional customs brokers can manage customs issues at both ends of the customer’s supply chain.
With five brokerage offices strategically located within North America, we can use our remote filing systems with EDI and ABI capabilities to process your shipments and ensure accurate and timely releases with CBP. In addition, as C-TPAT and AMS-certified providers, we help minimize the risk of cargo delays and costs for non-compliance to government regulatory requirements.
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Yamato has been a C-TPAT certified participant since 2003 (SVI# yamBro 03025, yamCon 03026)

C-TPAT Certificate
・Yamato’s capabilities and services include:
・ABI with ACH capabilities.
・Electronically connected with the CBP systems, ACS and ACE, speeding up
 cargo release for our clients.
・Remote Location Filing (RLF)
   ・File RLF entries in all qualified Customs ports from one central location
・Post Entry Service
   ・Our experienced brokers take prompt and appropriate actions to solve problems
    and errors relevant to Customs entries within the legal time limits.
・Binding Ruling Requests
   ・Prepare complete and effective requests for binding rulings and obtain definitive
   answers from Customs.
・Customs Surety Bond
   ・Secure the most appropriate and competitive Customs bond, either a Single Entry
    Bond or a Continuous Bond.
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Container Transport

Content Inspection

Sorting and Packing

Fine Arts Transport

Stock Management

Storage Service

Perishable and DG

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