Basic Plan

BASIC PLAN – Moving Services

When items cannot be shipped in a regular box, use our basic moving service.

Basic Plan

  • The Customer will pack, unpack all items, and prepare all documents.
  • With this service, customers can ship oversized items that cannot be shipped with Tanshin Plan.
  • Items will be shipped by sea in a timely manner.
  • Once the shipments are in Japan, our trained staff will deliver the items to your rooms.
  • The Customer will take care of disposing packing materials.
  • The maximum volume for this service is 5m3.

Meeting & Estimation

We will explain the moving process, and give an estimation for the move.

Delivery of Packing Material

We provide all necessary packing materials prior to the moving day.

Shipment Pick Up

Household goods will be carried out of current location safely and efficiently.

Customs Clearance

The necessary customs forms will be prepared and declaration will be sent on your behalf.

Delivery of shipments

Our Japan staff will contact you and provide information of the delivery schedule.

Please make sure to declare all items for personal effects prior to entering Japan.

Please feel free to ask for estimate. It's free!

Via Telephone