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Bringing your furry friends to Japan.

Dogs, cats and some other animals must be in quarantine to comply with the Rabies Prevention Law and in the case of dogs, the Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law. There are specific regulations that must be followed when bringing your pets to Japan, and you will require several certificates.

If there are any missing documents, your pet could be held, so it is important that each requirement is in place in advance. The quarantine can be as long as 180 days, with the purpose of ensuring your pet does not have any infectious diseases that could affect humans. The expense for this quarantine will be charged to you, so it is important that your certification is in order.

Yamato Transport USA advises customers to prepare
for the quarantine exam as early as possible, prior to
your departure to Japan. Plan ahead, as it could take
8 to 10 months before the process is complete and you
are allowed to enter Japan with your pet.

Click here for more information on all the steps of the procedure.

Important Tips to Know Early

・Get prepared at least 8 months prior to your departure so your pet can
 arrive in Japan with you. ・Get the microchip implanted as required.
・Get the two Rabies immunizations required, blood samples and the antibody
  test as required.
・After the blood sample is taken, there is a 180 day wait that is required
 before your pet can go to Japan.
・Submit advanced notification to the animal quarantine at the airport
 where you will arrive at least 40 days before your pet will arrive in Japan.
・Your pet must have a clinical inspection 2 – 7 days prior to the departure
 date, with all the necessary documents fully filled out and signed by
 the veterinarian.
・Some documents require an endorsement at the USDA office,
 and you will need to make a reservation for this endorsement.


Please plan ahead about 8 to 10 months before your departure.

(Caution: It may take longer depending on the health status of your pet.)