Rakuraku Pack

Full Service Packing and Moving. Cost effective High Quality Service.

Comprehensive service for families and for individuals. We pack all of your household items as a part of our service.

Rakuraku Pack

  • Leave the packing and unpacking to us.
  • Extensive network of 30 branches in the U.S. and to all major cities worldwide.
  • We are staffed by employees knowledgeable in overseas transport,
    and dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

Meeting & Estimation

We will give you an estimation for the moving.
We also offer consultation for the moving process.

Delivery of Packing Material

We provide all necessary packing material prior to the moving day.

Packing and Documentation

All of your household goods,
including kitchen items and other items will be packed.

Carrying Out

Your household goods will be handled and
carried out of the current location safe and gently.

Customs Clearance

The necessary customs forms will be prepared and
the declaration will be sent on your behalf.

After the Transportation to Japan

Our Japan staff will contact you and
provide information of the delivery date.

Placing Household Goods

Our Japan staff will place each household goods
per your request safe and gently.


We will unpack packages according to your request.

Discarding Packing Material

We will discard all packing material.

Please make sure to declare for personal effects when entering to Japan.

Please feel free to ask for estimate. It's free!

Via Telephone