Tanshin Plan Air

Fast and reliable - International Express Moving Service
All of your personal items will be shipped by air. Swift and simple Moving service.

・All personal effects must fit into Kuroneko box Large or Kuroneko box small.
・Box will be delivered at your request.
・Packing service is not included.
・Tanshin Plan Air rate is determined by the number of boxes and weight.

*1 Approximately 7 to 10 calendar days in delivery from the shipping date.
(Senders are required to make a written declaration of items. Declaration forms must be submitted to Japan customs at the time of entrance into Japan.)


Kuroneko Box (Large)

For clothing, electronics, kitchen goods, etc.
18" x 26" x 13"
(The maximum weight 25kgs / box)

Kuroneko Box (Small)

For books, toys, small personal items, etc.
18" x 13" x 13"
(The maximum weight 25kgs / box)

Branch Office and the rate:

State Branch Office Minimum
Up to 125kg
Up to 250kg
Up to 375kg
Up to 500kg

*Additional charge will occur for Okinawa and remote islands. Please ask us for these prices directly.


Up to 10 small boxes
Up to 5 large boxes
Up to 20 small boxes
Up to 10 large boxes
Up to 30 small boxes
Up to 15 large boxes
Up to 40 small boxes
Up to 20 large boxes

Please contact us for the rates from the city not listed in the chart above.

Charges include:

  • ・Fuel Surcharge.
  • ・Packing supplies.
  • ・The insurance fee for loss or damage limited up to US $20,000 with declared value.

Additional fee:

  • ・Packing fees.
  • ・Duties and tax, port handling fees and other customs charges.
  • ・Other fees may apply due to any conditions.

Getting Started

Fill Out the Inquiry Form on the Website.

Our agent will contact you for more information.

Schedule a delivery

You will receive the customs declaration forms and packing supplies.

Pack your items

Pack your personal belongings and prepare the customs declaration forms.

Picking Up

When your packages are ready, please schedule a pick-up with our branch office.


Your packages will be consolidated, and transported to Japan.

Import Customs Clearance

In order to process customs clearance, you need to file
the customs declaration forms at the Japan customs when you arrive.


Your packages will be delivered to the final destination.

Please make sure to declare all of your personal items when you arrive Japan.
  • All fees must be paid at the time of scheduled pick up.
  • You will need to prepare 2 copies of declaration forms of your personal items for the customs when you arrive Japan.
  • Additional charges may apply when shipping to Okinawa.
  • Packages cannot be sent to multiple address.
  • We do not provide unpacking service.
Restrictions and limitations:
  •  ▪ Alcoholic beverages – limited 3 bottles approx. 760cc
  •  ▪ Cigars – 100 Cigars
  •  ▪ Quasi-drugs – amount for use for a period for 2 months
  •  ▪ Disposable contact lens - amount for use for a period for 2 months
  •  ▪ Cosmetics – 24 applications
  •  ▪ No person shall bring hunting guns, air guns, swords, etc. into Japan
       without a permit to possess
  •  ▪ Heroin, cocaine, opium, stimulants, psychotropic substances,
       and other narcotic drugs
  •  ▪ Firearms, ammunition, and pistol parts
  •  ▪ Explosives
  •  ▪ Precursor materials for chemical materials
  •  ▪ Counterfeit, altered, or imitation coins, paper money, bank notes, or securities,
       and forged credit cards
  •  ▪ Obscene or immoral materials such as pornography, and child pornography
  •  ▪ Articles which infringe upon intellectual property rights
  •  ▪ Meat products, plants, vegetables and fruits

Please feel free to contact us for details.