Revision on International TA-Q-BIN service
We would introduce our new lineup for our International TA-Q-BIN as below;
Revision date of July 9,2018 in Canada, July 16,2018 in US.
Please see the service detail here If you will like to ship after the revision date.

The flat rate service to Japan. Up to 55lbs.

・No weighing or calculating required.
・Choose from 3 type of boxes (S, M, L)
・Visible tracking system to manage packages 24/7.
・Free customized message to recipient.
・Choose delivery time from 5 zones. (8-12, 14-16, 16-18, 18-20, 19-21)
※Transit time is approximately 6 to 10 days.

Please Select Your Country
US TsumeHoudai Price Chart

*Duty and/or tax may apply.
*Please contact us for the rate of box.

CANADA TsumeHoudai Price Chart

*Duty and/or tax may apply.
*Please contact us for the rate of box.

Receive Documents

Find YAMATO branch office or dealer near you

Please buy TsumeHoudai box at the branch office or agent near you.

Bring in Parcel & Documentation

Credit cards are acceptable

Ask YAMATO near you for pick up.

  • TsumeHoudai is for gift purpose only.
    For personal purpose such as sample, please use International TAQBIN
  • Each parcel/box must have a separate label.
  • The maximum value of each parcel should not exceed
    US$ 2,500.
  • Pick up service is not available for "TsumeHoudai" .
  • TsumeHoudai price includes insurance coverage up to US$2,500 per 1 shipment (or parcel/box).
  • Glass products, ceramic products, rare products, replica products, arts, antiques, and light bulbs may not covered by the insurance.
  • We do not offer temperature controlled shipping service for temperature sensitive items such as chocolates, candies and candle wax.
    We will not be responsible for any product that does not arrive in the perfect condition.  Any temperature related damage may not be covered by insurance.


Other conditions are described in the Terms & Conditions