Revision on International TA-Q-BIN service

06.28.2018 | TA-Q-BIN

We will like to introduce our new lineup for our International TA-Q-BIN from July, 2018 as below.

1.Discontinue of our [Tsumehodai pack]

Please utilize our [International TA-Q-BIN] which is based on size and weight or our new item [International TA-Q-BIN ECO], instead of [Tsumehodai Pack]

2.Release of our new product

1) International TA-Q-BIN(Besso items) (previously [Besso Service])

Due to discontinuance of our service [Tsumehodai Pack] for unaccompanied baggage delivery service, [Besso Service] has been revised to, International TA-Q-BIN (Besso items)

2) [International TA-Q-BIN ECO]

In response to our customers voices “I want to send small gift/single item, cheap” We have produced a new item, by restricting box size, number of item and declared value, which all can be processed via smartphone.

3. International TA-Q-BIN pricing revision

Reflecting the rising cost in the recent years in Japan and in the United States, unfortunately we will be raising approximately 15%.

During our campaign period, if you utilize our “International TA-Q-BIN Online Shipping” there will be a $10.00 per piece deducted from our new rates.

4.Introduction of “International TA-Q-BIN Online Shipping”

In place of the Kantan Okurijyou, we will implement smartphone compatibility.
Smartphone compatibility: –Online payment (credit card payment) –Paperless (no need for a printer)
*** The traditional handwritten slips are still available, please refer to our branch/dealer.

5.Revision date of July 9,2018 in Canada, July 16, 2018 in US From your application or goods receipt

However, customers whom already purchased a “Tsumehoudai Pack” prior to the revision date, and or customers who applied for Kantan Okurijyou, brought to our branch/dealer by July 31 we will apply the previous service charges.