Items which cannot be sent with International TA-Q-BIN

Prohibited items

Drugs, Narcotics, Psychotropic drugs, Cannabis (including CBD products), Hemp Seed, Poppy Seed, Opium, Methamphetamine, and unauthorized chemicals in Japan etc., Medical equipment, Whitening products (toothpastes and strips containing peroxide ingredients), Electronic cigarette and cartridge (“Iqos” and “Glo” are excluded)
Guns, Rifles, Machine gun, Cannon along with these firearms and accessory parts, Swords and other weapons.

Flammable Materials

Explosives, Fireworks, Matches, Lighters, Flammable items, Disposable heat pads, aerosol cans, portable propane tank, Cosmetics containing high flammable ingredients such as perfume/manicure.
PC, lithium batteries


Cash, Bonds, Check, Precious metals, Passport, Jewelry, Antique, Artwork, undeveloped films


Porn (Books, drawings, sculptures) Child pornography

Copyrighted Items

Articles that infringes a patent right, utility model design right, trademark copyright, a neighboring right, a circuit arrangement use right or a breeder`s right (a fake brand items, etc.)

Food Related Items

Meat (sausage/spam/jerky)
Raw vegetables, fruits, rice, herbal medicine (deer extract, rhinoceros horn, etc.) Spices non-processed, opened or packed in bags and storage containers (Other than that it can be handled)
Rice, Beans, Cereals, Flour
Butter, Milk powder (baby formula), Infant liquid milk
Chinese herbal medicine (Deer extract, Rhinoceros horn etc.)

Plants / Plant related items

Washington Convention is to protect wild life animals in the brinks of extinction/protection and conservation of plants, Such as Crocodile leather goods /ivory goods. * Special attention to Quinoa, Vanilla components, aloe, agave, products contain Orchid. Brazilian Rosewood or Mahogany based instruments and products
Seeds, wheat straw products, potpourri, dry flowers, pine cones

Pet food

Pet foods (dry/wet) supplements for pets

Intellectual Property Rights

Software and sound equipment such as DVD and CD such as "COLUMBIA" "VICTOR"., sneakers such as Convers "ALL STAR", Olympic related goods.

Items which is impossible to transport at room temperature

Refrigerated / frozen goods, also please avoid such as chocolate, especially during the summer seasons.

Items which can be used as personal items (limited quantity)

Cosmetics / Supplements

Cosmetics, soaps (up to 24 categories) Supplements, Not containing pharmaceutical ingredients requiring the prescription (2 months' supply) Supplements, Containing pharmaceutical ingredients requiring the prescription (1 month' supply)

Pharmaceutical drugs

Over the counter (2 months' supply) Prescription drugs (1 month' supply) Electronic cigarette and cartridge, “Iqos” and “Glo” only (Device: up to 1 piece, Cigarette: 1 month’ supply 1,200 cigarettes.)

Medical equipment

Household medical equipment and massage chair (up to 1 piece)

Eye care

Eye care
Contact lens (2 months' supply) glasses (1 piece)

Knife items

Utility knife (blade length less than 5.5cm)

*Cooking knife such as kitchen knife and paring knife can be shipped regardless of the length of the blade.

Food Sanitation Act

Food and Beverage. (up to net weight 10kgs)
Sugar, Salt, Pepper(up to 1kgs)
Edible seeds (non-heat treated ones are not acceptable, processed/heated up to 10kg)

Food Sanitation Act

For those items that directly touches the mouth of a person (net weight 10kgs)

Infant Toy

Applicable age of 6years and under (including those indicated as 5-8years old)

Chemical Substitution

Need a MSDS ingredients data to equal 100%.