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Yamato Kentucky is hiring a Relocation Coordinator!

Louisville, KY / Kentucky Branch is now hiring Moving Coordinator

We are looking for employee who is punctual and reliable and who is able to build a strong team/crew for onsite international moving jobs. You will be required to drive large vehicles such as cargo van and 26ft truck. Depending on the job, you will be working by yourself or with other employees and subcontractors. When working with subcontractors you will need to manage and train them to meet the service we provide. Travel expected once or twice a month.

Job Type:

Full Time

Minimum Qualifications:

Strong communication skills in Japanese
High school diploma
Basic writing and reading in English, basic mathematics
Class C driver license
Able to lift up to 55lbs
Proven ability to work collaboratively with others
Ability to multi task and manage time effectively
Understanding Asian culture

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

Managing and training subcontractors
Driving cargo vans and trucks
Handle customer service function in a manner that presents the company in the highest possible image
On site moving and warehouse job (packing, unpacking, carrying boxes and furniture’s, palletizing at warehouse)
Ensures compliance with all DOT regulations and FMCSA guidelines

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