YAMATO plays a major role in the logistics and transport arena.

Although highly competitive, YAMATO continues to grow its shipping and moving operations with a combination of service excellence, innovation (new services) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

YAMATO links producers and consumers using logistics expertise, air and express delivery services, freight by rail, freight by sea, and trucking.

Both domestically and internationally, YAMATO maintains a highly skilled, highly motivated workforce. The end result is the best shipping and moving services throughout the world’s largest consumer market and beyond.

YAMATO has supply chain solutions for any size business, for almost any industry.

Case Studies


Summary :

YAMATO forms a dedicated team to handle global logistics for one of the world’s largest makes of PVC compounds.

Backstory :

TEKNOR APEX is a world leader in the production of customer polymer based products. From bottles, boots, junction boxes, dashboards, ear buds, garden hoses, kayaks, toys, and decks, specifiers and processors of products call on TEKNOR. They’ve earned the trust of their customers by continually delivering custom solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements—and expectations. TEKNOR was looking for a shipping company that could handle their ambitious and various global logistics.

Solution :

After serious studies and consultations, the YAMATO team created a dedicated internal team and “single window” approach to all TEKNOR APEX shipping transactions in the U.S. Whether ocean import or export, or by air import or export, YAMATO’s team is handling it.

Results :

The “single window” approach devised by YAMATO has helped TEKNOR APEX secure its industry leading (position and freeing up the company to expand its product offerings) by providing world class global shipping services of its polymer compounds.

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