What is Y-Ship Cloud?

Y-Ship Cloud is a cloud-based web application designed as an all-in-one shipping solution for US online sellers sending products to Japan. Y-Ship Cloud uses APIs to put all the data you need in one place, enabling you to quickly create Japan-bound shipments with Yamato as the carrier.

It's super easy to to manage your store's orders and ship them out with Y-Ship Cloud! Simply import your orders into Y-Ship Cloud, print out your shipping labels, and drop off your boxes at one of Yamato's many convenient U.S. locations.

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Application Features:

  • API Order Data Import or Flat-File Data Import
  • Shipment Fulfillment Transmission via API
  • Real-time Shipment Tracking / Shipment Data Export
  • Pick & Pack Fulfillment Operation Support
  • Advanced Order & Shipment Management Functions
  • Address Validation / Item Translation / Keyword
  • Label Printing - Thermal or Laserjet Support

How do I get started?

Y-Ship Cloud is 100% free-to-use, but registration is required to set up your account. Please visit the Account Registration Page for details about the registration process.


Y-Ship Cloud Operation Manual