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YAMATO Helps Businesses “Sell To The World”

11.23.2020 | Category, Blog

YAMATO is frequently invited  by many global business associations and ecommerce giants, including Amazon and Rakuten, to be a part of “webinars” to help businesses, large and small, to penetrate markets in Japan and other areas of the world.


According to Kent Sun, YAMATO senior manager of business development, the webinars assist businesses with setting up their shipping, logistics and fulfillment strategies throughout Asia. “We provide supply chain solutions and flexibility for businesses looking for international e-commerce parcel services, for import or export via air and/or ocean, including fulfillment services, customs clearance brokerage and operations management,” he says.


According to Sun, the webinars also provide a comprehensive overview of everything a business needs to be successful. “We cover all technical product compliance issues, everything from consumables to nutraceuticals to infant toys and electronics,” he says. “We frequently discuss the complex world of import duties and sales taxes, shipping cost considerations and transit times. We are able to also discuss solutions for your business to  handle returns effectively and efficiently.”


There are many things to consider when shipping products to Japan and elsewhere in Asia. Sun cites an example of creating “triangle” shipments through China for one business to help lower costs. “The webinars help us show businesses what YAMATO can do for them,” he says. “We can handle direct to consumer B2C shipping (MFN), B2B Parcel & Freight Shipping (for example, to FBA), and comprehensive fulfillment services. Being everywhere in Japan, YAMATO has the best delivery transits times in the industry. The bottom line is that we can show you the best ways to make money!”


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