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Some think of YAMATO as simply a shipping company, a freight forwarder or a freight broker. A company you can call for a quote for international shipping or mov...
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An Announcement for Fuel Surcharge

03.13.2019 | Category, News and Announcement

Month Fuel Surcharge(%) April, 2019 6.25% March, 2019 5.75% February, 2019 5.50% The Fuel Surcharge is applied to shipping (freight) rate only. When Online discount applied, it will be applied to the rate after discoun...
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With relatively high gas prices, it’s not surprising when fuel pipelines become subject to siphoning and rampant fuel theft. Recently, the Mexican government temporarily closed several pipel...
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Server Issues – Resolved 3/5/2019

03.05.2019 | Category, News and Announcement

Dear valued customers, We sincerely apologize for the server issues that may have caused you trouble with checking out on TA-Q-BIN Online Shipping or inquiring from our contact form earlier today. The issues have been resolved, and server are c...
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