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Current Status in China and other Nations

03.13.2020 | Category, News and Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to update you the current status in China and around the countries, below.

1. China:

  • Regarding customs clearance, both air and sea are operating normally, except Wuhan area.
  • For sea freight, FCL operates normally at each port. The LCL is expected to recover gradually after the pickup of cargo, but the schedule is still unstable.
  • Export restrictions on hygiene products such as masks have been removed.

2. Wuhan

  • Wuhan City center reopens after the 21st, and the surrounding areas are resuming.
  • As to the inbound shipment for Wuhan, if importer can pay import duty/tax, import permission can be obtained. However, delivery to the final destination is difficult because the consignee needs to obtain a road traffic permit by themselves.
  • Wuhan Airport will commence to work from the 17th, in order to prepare the airport resuming.

3. Hubei Province

  • In Hubei Province, cities other than Wuhan resumed from March 11, There are many companies where will not meet their operational conditions such as securing personnel, and it is far from full-scale operation.
  • The production lines at many manufactures is resuming but will likely stop it as soon as the parts are exhausted since they are assembling the products which were suspended to do before Chinese New Year period, and using the inventory parts in their vendors.

4. Hong Kong:

  • Flights to the US were canceled 10% of flights and to Italy were canceled 70%, and the both possibly on hold 5 days at the airport after tendered.
  • 80% of flights canceled for Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea, hold for more than 7 days. It is expected airlines will make further rise of freight charge next week.

5. Philippines:

  • Manila Metropolitan area is closed for one month from March 15th.
  • At present, airports and ports are operating normally, but delays may occur in the transport of trains and trucks due to its boundary control check and closure as well as the ban of drivers to get off.

6. Japan

  • Currently, Yamato Japan have not been delaying or affected on the custom clearance or pickup/delivery operations.
  • ANA, United and Delta Airlines are updating further flight cancellations or reductions between Japan and the United States.
  • Those flights are mainly subject to the routes to/from US airports where have no quarantine or screen capability of the Coronavirus to arrival passengers or the routes operating multiple flights a day.