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Yamato International Logistics China has resumed operations from February 10th.

02.11.2020 | Category, News and Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to the new Corona virus in China, the offices of Yamato International Logistics China (YIL) was closed but has resumed operations from February 10th.

Although Chinese customs has begun normal operations some are still on as per duty basis.

There are some delays in domestics deliveries due to shortage of personnel’s.

At this time, it is still unclear when will the local Chinese supply chain will return to normal operations.


  • Air freight is also affected by carrier flight reductions and backlogs. It is getting difficult to obtain space on the February to March flights from China.
  • The good news is that some ocean carries will not apply container detention charges over the 24th January to 9th February 2020 period (inclusive of both dates) but it's applicable for only import cargo with a BL destination in mainland China.
  • Ocean container operations, including those at the terminals, depots, and other facilities continue to operate as usual. For ports other than Hubei province ports, vessels are maintaining their normal port calls and operations basically but some vessels are omitting the port calls or refusing to load containers.

The situation at ports (air and sea) is unfortunately, becoming increasingly difficult to assess.

The airlines and ocean carriers are still reviewing on how to operate in the changing environment with unknown impacts on capacity and schedule.