Announcement regarding Increase for TA-Q-BIN Emergency Situation Surcharges

03.11.2022 | TA-Q-BIN

Dear Valued Customers,

With the ongoing world-wide disrupted supply chain and the crisis in Ukraine, it has been increasingly difficult to secure air cargo space compared to previous weeks. Also, this has triggered a spike in oil prices and shortage of labor, raising trucking and labor costs. We are again being faced with difficult challenges to maintain our International TA-Q-BIN services (express parcel service). However, despite such circumstances we will prioritize to fulfill the needs of our customer’s delivery to Japan and Asia. To ensure we maintain our service and quality levels, we are temporarily increasing the Emergency Situation Surcharge which was implemented on April, 2020 as follows:

  • Surcharge               Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS)
  • Rate                         10% of shipping fee  (was 6.50%)
  • Start Date               March 21, 2022       *Applies to shipments received or processed on or after this date. Shipments processed through our Online Shipping website, will be applied from 12AM (EST)
  • End Date                Until further notice
  • Services                  All International TA-Q-BIN Services (Exclusion of Int’l TA-Q-BIN ECO)

Thank you for your understanding and please contact us for any questions.