Amendment of International TA-Q-BIN Rate to Japan

06.24.2024 | TA-Q-BIN

Dear Valued Customer,

We sincerely appreciate your continued support in utilizing our services.

In light of changes in the external environment, such as rising costs due to the destabilization of the international situation, we will be raising prices for International TA-Q-BIN (to Japan) starting Monday, July 1, 2024.

Although external costs are expected to rise, given that current price increases appear to be stabilizing, we have limited the review of TA-Q-BIN rates to a partial level to minimize the impact on individual customers who use our services.

Yamato will continue to improve working conditions while maintaining and strengthening our transportation and delivery network, thereby building an environment that promotes sustainable growth in the logistics industry and allows us to continue to provide better services to our customers.

We deeply apologize for the burden that these changes will place on many customers.


1. Subject to rate increase

International TA-Q-BIN Services to Japan from US and Canada

2. Amount of increase

Varies depending on the size, type, etc.  Please see the Appendix for details.


3. Effective date

July 1, 2024

*Shipments processed through our Online Shipping website, will be applied from 12AM (EST)


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.