We are seeking International TA-Q-BIN service agent

05.26.2022 | TA-Q-BIN

Would you like to attract more customers to stop by your store?

By becoming a Yamato service agent as a parcel Drop Off Point, you may be able to get more traffic to your store.


1.Advantages of becoming a Drop Off Point

  • More customer traffics
  • More ads about your store through our marketing channel (We will have posts on SNS to advertise the Drop Off Points)
  • More involvement with the local Japanese community
  • Commission payouts

2.How it works

  • Accept the package from customer
  • Notify us through our website
  • Hold package
  • Pick-up by Yamato driver
  •  No paperwork or any sort of transaction with the customer is needed
  • You can decide on the accepting hours for your store

3.Handling charges/Commissions:

  • TBD


  • Temporary storage space until picked up by Yamato driver
  • TSA (Transportation Security Administration) registration is needed. (Not required for Canada)

Please feel free to contact us here if you have any inquiry or questions.