Rate Revision Notice of “International TA-Q-BIN Oversize” from Canada (Eeffective date: January 16th, 2019)

01.04.2019 | TA-Q-BIN

Thank you for using Yamato Small Parcel Service (TA-Q-BIN) to Japan.
Please be announced you to change “International TA-Q-BIN Oversize” out of Canada below. The effective from 0 am on 1/16/2019 (Eastern Standard Time).

Size Maximum Length & Weight Honshu & Shikoku Hokkaido & Kyushu Okinawa
160 size Within 160cm (63inch) Up to 25~30kg (66lbs) 220 CAD 220 CAD 250 CAD
200 size Within 200cm (78.7inch) Up to 50kg (110lbs) 330 CAD 330 CAD 370 CAD
250 size Within 250cm (98.4inch) Up to 50kg (110lbs) 490 CAD 530 CAD 620 CAD
300 size Within 300cm (118.1inch) Up to 50kg (110lbs) 750 CAD 840 CAD 930 CAD

This modification will influence for “International TA-Q-BIN Oversize” from Canada only.
Other services' rate will be no changed.

Thank you for your cooperation.