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12.10.2019 | Category, Blog

YAMATO believes in supporting exchange programs throughout the company globally, so that employees can share their learning opportunities and life experiences. The result is a global company with a more unified workforce. Ms. Li Dan is a great example. Li has come over to YAMATO USA from its affiliate YAMATO company in China as part of an education and development program to learn about sales, business and management here in the States. She has been here in the USA and based in Los Angeles since September 1. In a few short months she has been able to visit cities and acquire knowledge about YAMATO’S business activities in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Boston, Hartford, San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta.  These are all cities Ms. Li only dreamed of visiting when growing up and working in Tianjin, China.


“Everyone in USA has been very nice to me,” says Li. “There are amazing cities in the US and I’ve learned a lot. Li, who works in sales, is fluent in English and Mandarin. She believes her visit has fostered tremendous self-improvement too. “I feel courageous, more independent and more confident than ever before,” adds Li, “these are characteristics of leadership that will enable me to be a positive role model not only for my colleagues back in China, but my daughter as well.” Observed by Li, “there are lots of similarities between YAMATO’s operations in USA and in China, but management styles and technology are different here in the States, some of which I would like to see implemented when I return to China. None of this would have been possible for me if I had not been working for YAMATO. I now have a better understanding of the company’s global vision!”