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IMPORTING OR SHIPPING GOODS INTO USA? Yamato Explains How to Create a Commercial Invoice to Speed up Entry through US Customs

05.28.2020 | Category, Blog

You’re probably familiar with a Commercial Invoice if you’ve imported goods into USA before. If you’ve had a Customs Officer or Customs Broker request more information regarding your products from you, then there is a good chance your Commercial Invoice is missing critical pieces of information.


Why is my Commercial Invoice important?


The Commercial Invoice is one of the most important documents during the import process and its contents are the source of truth for the origins and values of the goods being imported into the USA. Your Customs Broker uses the information on the Commercial Invoice to make sure your goods are timely and correctly cleared through US Customs.


What information does my Commercial Invoice need to have?


US Customs and Border Protection provides clear guidelines on what should be on a Commercial Invoice. The format of the invoice is your choice, but the minimum information on a commercial invoice as per 19 CFR 141.85 should include:


  1. A clear description of the items being imported.
  2. The quantity of items being imported.
  3. The value (price paid) for the items being imported, in foreign currency if the goods were purchased in foreign currency or in US Dollars if the imported goods are not subject to a purchase agreement.
  4. The country of origin.
  5. The name and address of the business or person selling the goods.
  6. The name and address of the actual manufacturer if different than the seller.
  7. The name and address of the buyer.
  8. The name and address of the of the person or business receiving the goods.




Though not required, identifying the HTS codes (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) for the items on your commercial invoice expedites clearance of those items through US Customs by your customs broker and also helps US customs officers during the entry examinations.


Reach out to your Yamato Customs Broker who can help you with your Customs Brokerage needs to import your goods anywhere into the USA so that you can save time, save money, and save the headaches!