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YAMATO Employee Spotlight – Tomomi Ueno, Sales, Toronto

05.26.2020 | Category, Blog

The story of Ms. Tomomi Ueno as a young and career-oriented world traveler is very inspirational. Born in a small town in Southern Japan, there were not a lot of global opportunities in such a rural area. She decided to leave home on her own at the age of 18 to study, teach and explore the world. She initially worked after college as a school teacher in Japan, but the pay made it difficult for her to make ends meet and besides, she had a strong desire for adventure, to experience new cultures and new people. “Looking back, I think it was pretty shocking for my family and friends when I made the decision to leave Japan all alone, with no family support, but at that time there were not a lot of opportunities for career women like me in southern Japan.”  Ueno ended up visiting twenty countries and living in three while teaching herself to speak, read and write fluent English.


Six years ago, Ueno moved back to Tokyo and worked on the sales team for a shipbuilding company. Even with the record-breaking sales performance of her team, Ueno still felt it exceedingly hard to achieve success in Japan’s shipbuilding industry as a businesswoman. She decided to make another change and relocate to another country, this time moving to Toronto, Canada and joining YAMATO. She now works in the commercial freight forwarding and logistics division, performing operations work and doing sales for the company. “I really enjoy working here,” Ueno says. “The environment is very fair, everyone wants you to do well and to succeed, with a strong sense of teamwork. It helps that YAMATO has so much to offer customers, everything from small parcel delivery service to freight forwarding, customs brokerage, international moving and warehouse distribution service.”