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YAMATO’s B2C Biz To Change With Adoption of 5G

05.12.2020 | Category, Blog

Imagine a technology so powerful that its capacity is 1,000 times greater than anything that has come before. That’s 5G, and YAMATO plans to leverage this next generation networking technology to change the way it conducts business.


Adoption of 5G will change everything, from how fast orders can be processed and payments made to literally breaking down barriers between borders. How YAMATO conducts business, whether (b2c, c2c or b2b) will never be the same. Right now, telecoms are spending billions of dollars, racing to install the massive amounts of ultra-speed infrastructure needed for an amazing future.


Shipping and logistics are complex. Making things even more challenging is the incredible expansion of international e-commerce. Arguably no industry stands to gain more from the widespread adoption of 5G than the logistics and transportation industry.  According to President Koji Homma, amongst other things he also envisions holograms and virtual dressing rooms through 5G technology.  President Homma explains, “with the advantage of 5G and holograms, consumers will be able to use ‘virtual dressing rooms’ to try on and purchase perfectly fitted clothes like a dress, a bathing suit, a pair of trousers or a suit jacket where the financial and environmental costs of associated return items throughout the supply chain will be eliminated.”


YAMATO is working with emerging 5G networks to make sure its customers get the full benefit of the technology as soon as possible. Long term, YAMATO will leverage 5G to create an incredibly rich data stream. Data will be transferred in real time, making increased visibility for our entire supply chain. As more and more of the supply chain and manufacturing world unite to become part of IOT (or the Internet of Things), amazing connections will occur. Imagine equipment making a product, then sending a message to the delivery truck for pick-up, talking to the retail store where it is displayed, then sending feedback that drives further production and transportation activities once the product is sold.


Whether you're a single customer or a large multi-national chain operation, and whether you are a buyer or a seller, 5G technology will be part of daily living. Virtual dressing rooms, freshness of perishable foods, product recognition, capacity, pick-up, delivery times, pricing, location and status of shipments in real time, all available through your phone with the touch of a finger or the sound of your voice or the shape of your face. This is the future YAMATO is looking toward in our new 5G world.