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10.22.2019 | Category, Blog

Takayuki Asanuma has been a YAMATO team member for almost nine years and continues to grow as a manager within our international moving division in Los Angeles. Recently, Asanuma participated in YAMATO’s ongoing training program which provides participants with new experiences, assigning him to work temporarily in our Boston office. YAMATO finds that its exchange program helps foster better teamwork within the company, while encouraging the free flow of ideas that help to continually optimize operations.


Asanuma was one of 8 other YAMATO staff in the US who participated in similar assignments to work away from their home offices in different cities located throughout the US like in Dallas, Detroit, Seattle, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Asanuma said that in addition to building upon his relationships with  his team members on the East Coast, he learned a lot about the historic city of Boston. The city has one of America’s most continuously active shipping ports, accommodating some of the world’s largest ocean-going freighters.   Also Asanuma is quite grateful for this experience too, “YAMATO provided me with the opportunity to visit a city I had never been to before, and of course one of my highlights was being able to see the reigning World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox, play a game at Fenway Park!”