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04.12.2021 | Category, Blog

Meet Jake Dangerfield. Jake was born and raised in Utah, but has lived in eight other states. He has worked in the “warehouse industry” for a little over 15 years, half of them now with YAMATO. He manages YAMATO’s fulfillment warehouses on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, fulfilling everything from bulk shipments, nutritional supplements and auto parts to motor oil and chalk for rock climbing.


His manager calls him a rock star with an ear-to-ear smile, somebody YAMATO relied upon recently to develop a plan for warehouse expansion. “Jake is very dedicated, I trust him with things that can be done, directly and efficiently,” adds his manager.


For his part, Jake just loves the variety of work found at the warehouse. “My goals for work, and the company, are to invest and strategize in tools and ideas to make things most efficient, to take on more clients, reduce any down time, while keeping both customers and employees happy. I have a career here, which is great because I want to have growth with a company. I like that YAMATO is very professional and known throughout the world, especially for their quality of work.”


Jake is a proud father of 2 children, who looks forward to the time the country turns the corner on the COVID pandemic so he again can travel again. “In addition to getting a haircut to donate my hair to a worthy cause, my goal is to take more vacations with my kids, so they can have more adventures,” he says about life after the COVID pandemic. “Hiking, rock climbing, camping, and swimming. I’m a firm believer that challenges make you stronger and smarter, while learning new things, including things about yourself.”