Announcement for the renewal of Self Pack/Air

05.11.2022 | Moving

Announcement for the renewal of Self Pack/Air Service on May 11th

Providing small-volume moving services to more areas~


Yamato Transport USA Inc, which operates throughout the U.S. and Canada, is renewing its "Self Pack / Air," service. This is an overseas moving service to Japan for customers with rather smaller volume of luggage and this newly developed online system will allow customers to process applications, order boxes, and complete credit card payments. This service, which was previously available in urban areas, is now available in most areas utilizing UPS/Mailing stores as drop off points throughout the U.S. and Canada.


1.Background and Objective

Since 1995, Yamato Transport USA has been supporting individuals and corporate customer moves between Japan and the U.S. The service is a "Fully Tailored Moving service", which includes everything from packing to unpacking, provided by professional staffs with expertise in overseas moving. Recently, due to the impact of the spread of Covid-19, an increasing number of people are relocating alone without their families, and more and more companies are moving to regional cities in the United States. Under these circumstances, we have renewed this service in response to requests from customers who want to send a smaller volume of luggage as a single person move and prepare for a move regardless of weekends or time zones, and a method to complete the process in quickly and digitally.


2.Overview of " Self Pack / Air" Service

Customers can now process their application, order boxes, submit the necessary information for overseas transportation, and complete the payment online through the newly developed website. The delivery within the U.S. will be handled by our partner service provider (UPS). Once the import procedure is complete in Japan, the package will be delivered by our country-wide-coverage TA-Q-BIN service. For details, please see the registration page.


・Packaged rates based on drop-off at a UPS store (insurance included)

・After the package arrives at our gateway branch, the contents will be inspected and shipped to Japan.

Customers who have already applied for the previous single service plan Air will continue to be subject to the old service contents and rates.


For inquiries or questions, please contact us