Amendment of International TA-Q-BIN Rate to Japan

03.22.2023 | TA-Q-BIN

Dear Valued Customer,

We sincerely appreciate your continued support in utilizing our services.

The external environment surrounding logistics companies is becoming even more severe, with rising prices of resources, energy, and raw materials due to the destabilization of the international situation, along with rising wages and unit hourly wages due to a decrease in the labor force.

Yamato has been promoting various initiatives such as improving productivity, but it is becoming extremely difficult to absorb the rise in costs necessary for logistics.

From April 3, 2023, shipping charges and fee for TA-Q-BIN in Japan will be revised. In response to rising costs on the Japanese side, we will also raise the price of International TA-Q-BIN to Japan.

We deeply apologize for the burden that these changes will place on many customers.


1. Subject to rate increase

International TA-Q-BIN Services to Japan from US and Canada (Exclusion of Int’l TA-Q-BIN Oversize)


2. Amount of increase

Varies depending on the size, type, etc.  Please see the Appendix for details.


3. Effective date

April 3, 2023

*Shipments processed through our Online Shipping website, will be applied from 12AM (EST)


Thank you for your understanding and continued support.