Announcement regarding the TA-Q-BIN Service Level Changes

09.09.2022 | TA-Q-BIN

Dear Valued Customers,


We will change the TA-Q-BIN service level on some routes on October 1st. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check the following points and take appropriate action.


Currently, in a situation where the amount of TA-Q-BIN is increasing year by year in Japan, in order to maintain stable transportation and delivery quality between regions and each region, we will revise the required number of days and the delivery time zone (service level) from October 1, 2022, that can be specified for some sections below.



Section to be changed




Tokyo (Haneda), Chiba (Narita) Yamaguchi, Hiroshima(except Fukuyama-shi), Shimane(except Matsue-shi, Aki-shi, Oki-gun)



Delivery days and delivery time that will change for the above sections


Delivery schedule

Specifiable time zone

Current  Delivery from the afternoon of the next day  After 14:00 ~16:00 of next day can be specified
From October 1, 2022,  Delivery two days later  After AM of two days later can be specified


Thank you for your understanding and please contact us for any questions.