We’ve added a new “International TA-Q-BIN Eco Size 4”

07.30.2020 | TA-Q-BIN

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continuous support for our International TA-Q-BIN services.
With the recent requests from our customers, we have decided to launch a smaller size for our International TA-Q-BIN Eco service, which will be the “Size 4” service.
Due to the nature of the size, most of these shipments were probably shipped through USPS but we wanted to bring the same type of service with our standard added-values such as tracking and insurance to enhance it a little more for the convenience of our customers.
We would recommend using this “Size 4” service for customer-to-customer sales through online platforms, online auction sales, or simply gift purposes to your friends and families in Japan.
Summary of International TA-Q-BIN Eco service (starting from July 31, 2020)

Size Maximum Length & Weight Price
4 Up to 40cm (15.7 inch), 5kg (11 lb) 19 USD 29 CAD
6 Up to 60cm (23.6 inch), 5kg (11 lb) 22 USD 37 CAD
8 Up to 80cm (31.5 inch), 5kg (11 lb) 40 USD 55 CAD


Service start date will be July 31, 2020 (Friday) 1AM EST through the International TA-Q-BIN Online Shipping site.
For more details please click here.
Thank you for your attention and we hope to handle your shipments soon.