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YAMATO Employee Spotlight – Caileigh Long – Columbus, Ohio

08.11.2020 | Category, Blog

Caileigh Long works out of Yamato’s branch office in Columbus, Ohio. Her and the rest of the Yamato team are quite busy everyday handling global shipping and international relocations. She says people are always surprised by how much Columbus, Ohio has grown. Columbus is now the 14th largest city in the USA, with almost a million people living there and is now bigger than San Francisco.


Caileigh grew up in Ohio studying Japanese language and culture at Ohio State University. She also spent some time studying abroad in Japan and is now fluent in Japanese, both reading and writing too.  Caileigh was heavily recruited at a post-college job fair by Yamato’s Columbus branch manager which proved to be a success for both Caileigh and Yamato.


Loved for her indefatigable, upbeat attitude and respected by both colleagues and customers, Caileigh loves how every day at her job brings about different challenges. “Our office provides many different services, but most of my work involves matters relating to customs clearance issues and technical aspects of global shipping, trade and relocations of families between the USA and Japan,” she says. Because of her high level of customer service and embodiment of Yamato’s Core Value that she “connects her customers hearts with every delivery,” Caileigh was selected by Yamato’s executives to spend a week in Japan for the company's annual Corporate Philosophy workshops with other Yamato employees from throughout the world.  The coronavirus pandemic, however, cancelled the April event in Tokyo, but it has not dampened her enthusiasm. Says Caileigh, “When things get better, I look forward to getting back to Japan and doing the workshops with everyone.”  Keep on smiling Caileigh!