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03.17.2023 | Category, Blog

Enhancing speed and efficiency in all activities, YAMATO has developed and installed a new hybrid conveyor belt to help speed up handling of the record amount of ecommerce packages and other materials coming through the warehouse. The automated equipment is just one step to "systemize" YAMATO operations.


So, what exactly is "systemize" and why is it important? Every business has challenges, In the shipping business there are packages to be moved. More than that, there’s commodities that also need to clear customs too.


"Systemizing" is all about the process of increasing productivity. Many tasks in shipping and logistics are redundant, making them perfect candidates for creating automated workflows. Automation today sometimes is seen as a negative, threatening to workers. Yet in a world where it’s hard to recruit enough workers to do repetitive tasks, this threat is overstated. On the contrary, many people benefit from working with automation every day. The future will never become completely automated, as only an estimated 10 percent of jobs can ever be fully automated.


YAMATO is leading the way in eliminating any cumbersome and labor-intensive tasks. Systemizing operations allows us to stay energized and focused, freeing up our teams to keep customers satisfied and our business growing.