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jose carlos clememte Yamato

Jose Carlos Clemente works in YAMATO’s Mexico City office. The last couple of years have been a whirlwind for him, never having thought about applying his hard-won degrees in both Accounting...
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An Announcement for Fuel Surcharge

02.13.2020 | Category, News and Announcement

Month Fuel Surcharge(%) March, 2020 5.75% February, 2020 6.00% January, 2020 6.00% The Fuel Surcharge is applied to shipping (freight) rate only. When Online discount applied, it will be applied to the rate after disco...
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Yamato International Logistics China has resumed operations from February 10th.

02.11.2020 | Category, News and Announcement

Dear Valued Customers, Due to the new Corona virus in China, the offices of Yamato International Logistics China (YIL) was closed but has resumed operations from February 10th. Although Chinese customs has begun normal operations some are still...
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Yamato Moving Season Japan

It’s moving season again, the time of year when statistically over 80 percent of us relocate. Are you thinking of moving internationally, or from the US to Japan, or from Japan to the US? Di...
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The current Branches Operation in Yamato International Logistics China (YIL)

02.04.2020 | Category, News and Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,   <As of February 4, 2020> We would like to provide you with a list of the dates and the current situations on which it's currently expected to resume office operation across Yamato International Logistics C...
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The current situation in China at the ports for Customs Clearance

01.30.2020 | Category, News and Announcement, Uncategorized

Due to the current situation in China we would like to inform you the status at the ports for Customs Clearance. <As of January 30th> Currently, suspension of operations, in all areas, except Dalian and Tianjin, has been postponed until...
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TMD Where is my cargo? In a complicated global supply chain, that is the most often asked question. Things get complicated when moving numerous pieces of freight ...
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steven fujimoto

Steven Fujimoto works out of our Atlanta office as one of Yamato’s newest sales representatives. Already a high performer, his path to success proves that one doesn’t need an extensive backg...
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Do you run a small business that has the occasional need to dispatch products from the US to Japan?  Do you need great, fast shipping from pick up to delivery but at an economical price poin...
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Yamato USA

YAMATO believes in supporting exchange programs throughout the company globally, so that employees can share their learning opportunities and life experiences. The result is a global company...
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